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Trident cgi


To be a company our people love to work for and our customers love to work with...


Exceptional customer service comes from people that genuinely love what they do. 


We are a company who profoundly believes in the power of a

Cup of Tea and a Chat.


It’s that personal attention, relaxed atmosphere, and the reassurance of working with a company that truly cares about your business as much as theirs that brings our clients peace of mind. After all, your success equals our success. 


Trident emphasise the importance of building strong relationships, whether it’s with fellow workers, outside vendors, or our clients. Trident believes that people build businesses by doing the right thing, and we empower our people to do just that. 

Trident tea
Trident people


We have 11 full-service locations supporting our clients in the North America, LATAM, EU and the APAC regions.


All of our locations follow a standard footprint - consisting of the same software, hardware, training and culture - and each site has been constructed with a core of staff from our HQ to ensure that we have global capability and not simply a global presence. Time zone differences are leveraged across our sites through our technology and global process, making the best use of available daytime resources around the globe.


It’s this global infrastructure and presence that makes it possible for Trident to be Truly Global.


Our state-of-the-art workflow platform, ZEN, includes a production environment delivering quality, efficiency, and automation to the process. 


It’s our technology that links every Trident employee and office around the world where the same artwork process and information are shared.

ZEN enables us to have remote employees all over the world supporting businesses at the highest level wherever required.


And we don’t depend on an outside resource for our technology. 


Our team of 40+ developers is constantly developing our technology and ensuring it is leading the way in the pre-media space. 

Technology at Trident
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