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Trident’s Prototypes, Mockups & Sample team is affectionately known as our SmArt Pack team. This team can replicate virtually any print finish and substrate to give you a preview of your package long before you’ve fired up the presses for your first print run. Trident’s SmArt Pack team has been in operation since 1994. This award-winning team delivers digitally printed prototypes, mockups and samples globally, with no minimum quantities. ​

Our Prototypes, Mockups & Samples are ideal for:​

  • Research & Development (R&D) ​

  • New Product Development (NDP)​

  • Consumer Testing (Research, Trial, Focus Groups) ​

  • Promotions, In-Store Activations ​

  • Marketing ​

  • Advertising & Media​

  • Trade Shows ​

  • Design Exploration (Iterative Design) ​

  • Retail Sales Presentations / Store Layouts

Substrates include but not limited to:​

  • Labels​

  • Shrink Sleeves ​

  • Sachets ​

  • Bags / Wraps​

  • Cartons​

  • Shelf Ready Packaging ​

  • Jumbo Sized Samples ​

  • Varnish

  • Laminate

  • Embossing

  • Foil Blocking 

Finishes include:

 Whether you need one prototype to preview how your final printed pack will look or 10,000 samples for your next conference, Trident’s SmArt Pack team will put your concept in your hand long before the manufacturing process does.  ​​

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