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We’ve all seen how CGI can replicate reality flawlessly however CGI can also take you to worlds

and concepts undiscovered.

We like to say repurpose, not repurchase here at Trident. Developing environments and product shots in CGI provides endless possibilities and gives you control over quality and detail like never before. Perhaps you’re looking to capture the spritz of a soda can popping open or a rainswept jungle plant brushing passed your new haircare product. CGI can bring this to life without the endless shooting and support fees associated with a high-end photoshoot.  ​

Whether developing assets for commercial end frames, social media use, internal video presentation or e-commerce, CGI allows for ultimate flexibility while also creating efficiencies in the process. You may not need to fly across the country on breakneck timing to get that shot you need, let’s create the imagined or unimagined together. ​

Services include:​

  • E-commerce Suite of Renderings

  • Branded Animations ​

  • Hero Image Creation ​

  • Video Creation ​

  • New Environment Creation / TV End Frames / Social Media Content ​

  • Brand Library Asset Development ​

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