Strategic partners for more than 20 years

Trident has worked with this customer, one of the world’s most admired owners of consumer brands, for more than 20 years.

The key to the success and longevity of our relationship has been that, working together, we have created a truly strategic partnership.

Beginning with products for European markets, our business with them has expanded over the years into America and Asia. Throughout this time we have worked closely with the customer to develop custom-made solutions to deliver exceptional service and exceed customer expectations. We have responded to their strategic needs by creating a worldwide presence, supported by truly global capability. Our tightly-controlled processes and industry-leading systems have created robust, disciplined approaches throughout the entire workflow.

We have delivered a wide range of innovations to drive efficiency, enhance brand consistency, drive down costs and reduce time to market.

Most recently, we have leveraged our Zen technology to develop a tool that dynamically creates artworks for outer cases and on-the-shelf product labels. The first in a line of next-generation packaging automation tools, GBOX provides instant, browser-based creation of outer case artworks for immediate approval and release to the printers.

The value we deliver was recognized in 2011 when this customer rationalized its pre-press supplier base from 200 companies to just three, including Trident. In 2014 we also won their top supplier award, from 30,000 suppliers globally, in recognition of our exceptional performance and innovation.

We have co-ordinated and controlled numerous relaunches for a wide range of their famous brands. When this customer relaunched their leading shampoo and conditioner brand globally, Trident was selected to handle the design adaptation. Using just one design concept supplied by their global design agency we created 200 adaptations for almost 100 countries across the world, achieving total brand consistency and saving the client USD $100,000 on the design work.

Working together as innovation partners, we have enabled this customer to drive down the end-to-end process for artwork management from 25 days to just 5.

Our disciplined, automated process and obsession with accuracy have resulted in an improvement in the right first time rate on the 18,000 artworks we handle annually from 26% to 98%. The average number of revisions per artwork has also been slashed from 13 to just 0.5.

“ Four or five years ago we decided to significantly increase our business with Trident. That came from the reassurance we had gained about their capability, especially their innovation capability. With Trident there was an element of trust, an element of capability, innovation and pipeline of ideas, as well as the overall solid relationship and foundation we had built over the years. ”