Trident North America

About Trident Richmond

The proud city of Richmond, Virginia – one of the oldest in the United States – is another well-established Trident location.

Richmond has a famous part in the history of the US, as the place where Patrick Henry, a founding father of the republic, made his legendary “give me liberty, or give me death” speech, regarded as a major inspiration in the struggle for American independence.

One of America’s first cities, founded in 1742, Richmond is today a vibrant centre of commerce, retail, dining and heritage tourism, drawing more than five million visitors to the municipality and surrounding region each year.

Our centre in Richmond opened in 2002 to provide customer-oriented graphics support to one of the world’s largest tobacco companies and a select number of other key clients. Our staff numbers in Richmond have since grown 10-fold and we now serve clients across North America, from Montreal to Chicago and Texas, from this site.

Building on our success from this location, we added rotogravure cylinder manufacturing in 2007 and now support print locations throughout North America. Flexible and responsive, our staff are passionate about providing exceptional service to both end customers and printers.