Streamlining and driving change

We have built a strong relationship with this customer, one of the world’s leading and most innovative companies in the healthcare and medical products industry.

Our approach has been to understand thoroughly their business, its operations and processes, including through visits to their manufacturing sites, and to build strong relationships with their key personnel. We have worked with our customer on its consumer care products, streamlining workflows internally and externally and driving change within the business. Through continuous review we have identified key areas of improvement by sharing detailed data on how they can become more efficient with the support of Trident’s processes. Positive changes have included new processes to standardise how information is supplied from manufacturing sites.

The customer trusted Trident to manage the global relaunch of their biggest Vitamin brand. Trident worked closely with their leading design agencies to create the master artwork and then worked with the company’s staff in national markets to ensure total brand consistency during the rollout.

The mutually beneficial relationship has prospered to such an extent that the number of artworks we have produced for this customer has doubled over two years and we are now the pre-press supplier with the highest volume of work with the company.

“One big strength of Trident is their system which gives transparency and visibility on where certain items are in progress. Their flexibility is also a strength, because often we get pushed by countries asking for urgent actions and we don’t get told ‘we can’t manage it’. Trident always finds a way. There is no pushing back, which is appreciated. The people know the business.”