Artwork creation for heaLth and hygiene
“GLOBAL brands”

Trident’s relationship with this gigantic health and hygiene customer stretches back more than 15 years.

We are now responsible for all artwork creation globally for a wide range of their market-leading health brands. In all we handle successfully 4,000 artworks annually for

this customer, ensuring global consistency of these “global brands”. Our services to them also extend to colour management, creation of sales samples, and developing 3D artwork for digital marketing purposes.

Management of these famous brands demands extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements relating to pharmaceutical markets across the globe and how these apply to artwork created.

To develop our service to this customer, in 2012 we transitioned US artwork management from our headquarters in Hull, UK, to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then, in 2014, we transferred artworks for the Asia region to our Singapore office. In total we have 30 staff dedicated to this account in these three locations.

These changes ensured we were able to offer local market and language expertise, face-to-face contact and timeline benefits to our customers in those regions.

“It’s all about trust at Trident. When you’re trusted you’re given the autonomy to do the job. We have a disciplined backbone, but a flexible culture.”
Matt Nicholson
Senior IT Development Manager